Closed Beta

April 21, 2024

Today we are launching our first AI Agent in closed beta 💪. Congrats to the team at CarriedAI that has worked incredibly hard to make it happen!

Our first AI Agent is specialized in due diligence tasks. In its current version the Agent searches for all available data of a given company in the web and also queries private databases via our partnerships with data providers. Using RAG for LLMs it then answers the most relevant due diligence questions within seconds that a research analyst would usually work on for days: Who are the competitors? How big is the market? What is the product USP? How much have they raised and who are the investors? Etc etc

In the next version we will allow our customers to connect the Agent to their internal data repositories such as their CRM, their documents, decks, call transcripts, expert references, etc. This will give the Agent a 360 degrees picture of the company to be analyzed and will allow for much deeper understanding and cross reference of the information. We will also allow our customers to teach the Agents to work in their own unique way, to let them check on their internal knowledge and to connect them to their systems of choice via API. As an example: As soon as a new company enters the CRM a set of research tasks are executed and the information is introduced back into the system.

One more thing: We also have more agents in the pipeline 😎. During 2024 and 2025 we want to develop a suite of AI Agents that can understand and execute any investment strategy. Our long term vision is to create a platform that allows anyone to build an institutional investment firm from scratch using only AI.

To our beta users: We currently have more demand for testing the product than what we can handle. We have received access requests from 57 firms from EU, UK and US, many of them asking for several accounts so we are a bit overwhelmed at the moment 😅. All the firms that have requested access will be onboarded in the coming days and weeks, please, be patient. Looking forward to onboarding everyone and bringing the product to general availability soon!

For last minute requests 👇

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