The Operating System for AI Investing

We are a team of former VCs with engineering backgrounds with the vision to transform the investment management industry. We believe that AI will not only optimize existing processes but also reshape the architecture of investment firms and alter how capital is allocated in private markets.

At CarriedAI, we are developing a suite of AI agents that can implement and execute any investment strategy. We aim to provide institutional investors with "investment teams out of the box" that can be taught and trained to work according to the firm's preferences. Our vision is to enable a new breed of AI funds in private markets that can become the equivalent of index funds in public markets: low cost, highly efficient, and with large portfolios that capture the power law.

Our goal is to empower our clients to reimagine their investment firms from the ground up, integrating AI into their operations. We aim to provide a comprehensive suite of AI-Agents with orchestration and monitoring tools that can map any industry-specific capital allocation process and where investment strategies can be encoded and executed by AI. For those clients suffering from tool-fatigue, we’ve got your back: We also provide embeddable Data Feeds that can be executed via API and will be delivered to your systems of choice. If you need some hands-on to help you get started, do check our Implementation Services. We have decades of experience developing software for the investment industry. Our experts pioneered the development of data platforms in Venture Capital.

Secure. Compliant. Connected.

We are developing our AI Agents with the principles in mind that we liked to see as institutional investors in our past life: Secure. Compliant. Connected.

Secure - because our AI agents are developed with the highest standards of data security. We also work very hard to implement a reliable access control that matches the permission structures of our clients and guarantees no data leaks within the organizations.

All our products are Compliant by default with the existing and upcoming regulations such as the EU AI Act and GDPR. Our clients are regulated institutions that maintain the highest standards of compliance and they expect nothing less from us.

On top of that, we want our AI agents to be Connected to all data sources needed to support humans in their capital allocation decisions. The list of data sources used by investors is long, including company databases, product reviews, transcripts of expert calls, financial data, public regulatory information, consumer reviews, etc. We want our agents to have access to all of them.